Resin and Sage Burner Gift Crate
Positive Space Gift Crate

Positive Space Gift Crate

Lavender Living

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This crate includes a leaf shaped charcoal burner, 2 charcoal pucks, Frankincense Resin, and dried loose Sage.   This crate is perfect for clearing a space.  Sage has been burned for centuries to sweep away stagnation and unwanted energy by filling a space with negative ions that create a more positive feeling environment.  Similar to the feeling you have after a rain shower.  Frankincense has purifying effect in its own right.  In biblical times Frankincense was more than its weight in gold for its spiritual awareness, antidepressant and stress relieving properties.  This is such a great gift for meditation practices, new home owners, and  anyone looking to take a minute for themselves.

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