Lavender and Frankincense Blend is TDF!

We are in love with our Lavender and Frankincense blend, it is to die for!  A few drops in my diffusers all around my house has transformed the energy and feel into a relaxing, mood stabilizing spa.  Lavender is know to have so many amazing benefits from analgesic to antiseptic to spiritual.  Clean your air, mind, and spirit with the beautiful calming blend of Lavender and Frankincense.  Drop a few drops on your vacuum filter for an aromatic infusion while cleaning, or a few drops on a cotton sock in the dryer to infuse your laundry.  Also it is gentle enough to add a couple drops to your favorite lotion or body-wash and apply to your skin and face for anti-aging benefits!!


Endless possibilities, Life changing benefits, start LIVING LAVENDER today!

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